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Crowne Zoysia

Pallet: $200.00

Roll: $130.00

It is a full sun grass or shade tolerant grass.

crowne 2.jpg


​This is an extremely versatile turfgrass. Crowne can be used in full sun or mostly shady areas. Crowne needs about four hours of sunlight a day. It is cold-hardy and drought-tolerant. It has good traffic tolerance and low nutritional needs. 

crowne roll.jpg
  • Each pallet is 450 sq. feet or 50 sq. yards.

  • Our delivery trucks can haul 20 pallets at once. 

  • When installing pallets, you want to stagger the seams “like you are laying brick.” Install the rest of your rows in this staggered manner.

  • Our rolls cover approximately 270 square feet or 30 square yards per roll. Each roll is 30 inches wide.

  • Our delivery trucks can haul 33 rolls at once. ​

  • These rolls need to be installed with a specialized roll installation machine. A roll of sod weighs 900-1200 lbs! Therefore, anyone who is picking up their sod should purchase their amount in pallets, unless they have the roll-installing machine.

Return and Refund Policy

Sod is a perishable item. We must be notified within 24 hours of delivery if you are not satisfied. If you have any questions or concerns about your new sod, please contact us within that 24-hour window. Since we have no control over installation methods, watering, existing soil conditions, insects, weather, or sod left on the pallet past day of delivery, our liability terminates upon the customer’s acceptance of the product. 

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